Roasted Salmon with Grape Tomatoes & Mint




When I finished cooking today I came home, had lunch and then remembered that I took a couple of snaps of one of the dishes I made.  I uploaded them to my laptop from my phone so I could see which one looked better and had my choice of all three because they all looked great!  I kept showing it to my husband, saying “Doesn’t this look great?”  I love the colors – the vibrant red tomatoes and the blush of the Bermuda onion.  Even the pepper flakes stand out!  Anyway, enough of my love for my own food…  I truly enjoy cooking for my Wednesday client because they like clean, simple, classic dishes.  This one couldn’t be more simple.  In fact it doesn’t even require an actual recipe!  Heat the oven to 425 degrees F and place the salmon on a foil-lined tray.  Coat with olive oil and salt/pepper to taste.  Roast until desired temp, based on thickness (I roasted these about 12 minutes for medium and they were about 1″ thick).  Quarter the grape tomatoes and mix with diced red onion and chopped mint.  Dress with a drizzle of olive oil, a squeeze of lemon and season with salt & pepper.  Serve over the roasted salmon.  This would also be nice on a bed of baby arugula.

This makes a great lunch or light dinner, particularly in the warmer weather.  My customer will reheat it briefly just to take the chill off and enjoy it later this week.  It’s fun to have a client who is interested in sharing new recipes and every week we talk about something that I’ll make for them during the next service.  Today we had a nice chat about lentil salad and we’re doing one next week with dried cranberries and goat cheese.  Hopefully it will be photogenic enough to inspire another post with some nice pics!

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