Does Bobby Know Best?

I think I’ve mentioned in the past that I have a lot of cook books on my office shelves.  Probably more than I care to count – I used to love to pick up a few on trips to store-front bookstores, back in the old days when they were still plentiful.   Borders was always good for a having some on the discount tables and I seem to have a hard time passing up a bargain!  I realized along the way that I rarely use them as direct reference but more for inspiration.  In fact, they used to live in my kitchen but the collection expanded beyond their allowed space so they were moved upstairs.

That being said, I was cooking for a new client recently and she was chatting with me as I was getting started.  She asked me who my favorite chef is and frankly it wasn’t something I could answer off the top of my head.  I don’t watch a lot of current “how to” type cooking shows (although I fill my DVR weekly with ridiculous cooking competition type shows – I can’t help myself!).  I used to regularly watch Jacques Pepin & Julia Child on PBS (and still do when they rerun them) but I don’t have a lot of patience for any that I’ve come across recently.  So in an effort to at least answer her question, I spit out “Bobby Flay!”.  I do like Bobby Flay’s style of food – I’m a big fan of chiles, I like to grill.  Seems like a logical pick. Later that evening he was on a show I happened across and I decided I needed to add a couple of Bobby Flay books to my shelves.  It was Memorial Day weekend after all and we were kicking off a whole summer of grilling fun.  I headed over to Amazon and ordered two – Bobby Flay’s Barbecue Addiction and Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill Cookbook.  I browsed through them and the recipes are pretty much what I like – not too fussy, lots of spice, fresh herbs, etc.  Looked like there was some good stuff to try out.

Now, to get to my point of this whole post, I decided last Saturday to make something from Barbecue Addiction – Mexican Red Chicken with Grilled Corn, Black Bean and Quinoa Relish.  I dutifully read through the ingredients and ran to the store to get some chicken and corn (surprisingly, the only two things that I didn’t have on hand).  Well, the second guessing starts pretty much as soon as I start putting together the marinade.  “Hey Bobby, wouldn’t a little cumin taste good in this?”, “Why no fresh cilantro in this ‘relish’, which I think is really more of a ‘salad’ anyway?”, and “I’m thinking some ancho chili peppers would taste good in this.”

I decided a little personal flair and interpretation would be okay but it did make me feel a somewhat uncomfortable.  I mean, after all, who am I to start second-guessing Bobby Flay on his recipes?  What’s your take – do you follow your recipes to a fault or allow yourself a little freedom of expression?  Bobby seems like a nice enough guy so I went with it… And it was delicious!

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One thought on “Does Bobby Know Best?

  1. I LOVE reading recipe books and magazines. More for motivation but some recipes are real keepers. I recently found a Bon Appetite recipe for gnocci made from cottage cheese. For my gluten free family, this looks like a winner. So back to your question, I will try a recipe as the chef intended first and then modify to my family’s taste – I will also modify to work around allergies and specific dislikes. For example: I’m not a tarragon fan because it has a licorice taste but the recipe used dill as a alternate option, so I went for the fresh dill. My husband is the opposite. He just puts ingredients together that he thinks will take good. some work and some are absolute disasters. But his redeeming quality is that he makes amazing smoked sausage from scratch! SOO good!

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