The food was amazing. You left with no trace and beautiful flowers-what a treat! I had an amazing night spending time with the family because your cooking gave me back time with my family. I’m very pleased and I look forward to tomorrow night’s dinner.



I know that you have only come by twice, but I would like to thank you.  A job very well done!  Menu – great; presentation – awesome;  and food – spectacular!  You have a million dollar business in your pocket, hopefully more.  I truly dislike lemon in any thing so how you made those muffins, with no or very little added sugar taste so awesome, I will never understand nor question.  I am very pleased. Thanks again!


Asian Fish Cakes


“Deb is amazingly professional, makes anything we ask for, and a true pleasure to have in our home. She is creative in finding ways to feed a bunch of picky eaters. Highly recommend her service to everyone. There is nothing better than knowing exactly what is going into your body!”

“We’ve been using The Carefree Table for the past 2.5 years and love not only that we eat delicious and healthy foods, but that it had also made our busy lives a lot less stressful at meal times. We no longer shop for groceries, prep, cook and clean pots and pans. We simply decide what we’d like to eat and request it from The Carefree Table. When we get home, the meals are in our fridge/freezer and all we need to do is heat and eat.   We highly recommend this service for anyone looking to eat what they like (menu is customizable) without having the time to shop, prep, cook and clean.”



“Deb is amazing! Her food is delicious. She is organized, clean and very polite. The food is tailored to your tastes, wants and likes and I’m sure she would be a delight for you and your family too. The best thing is there are not any pots, pans or dishes for us to do and with our busy work lives, getting healthy, nutritious meals are important for us. I hope you enjoy the Carefree Table yourselves!”

“What a gift to have Debra work with you! It is great that she sends you ideas but not only that, she asks for your wishes! She works with you.”





side-dish-summer-heirloom-tomato-salad-0611-l“Deb cooks delicious meals for our family on a bi-weekly basis. Not only does everything always taste great, but Deb goes out of her to way to make interesting and healthy recommendations based on our dietary preferences. This service has completely transformed our lives. We can spend more time together as a family, instead of rushing every night to get a healthy dinner ready before the kids’ early bedtime. We love to eat, we just don’t love to cook. And The Carefree Table is the ideal solution for us.”